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Backtrack Linux 5r1 Installation

If you are not familiar with Backtrack, it is a “penetration testing” version of Ubuntu. Definitely not for the casual user as a GUI login is not enabled and the default user is “root”. I install Backtack in a dual-boot configuration with XP on my laptop.

The fresh new UstreamTV

Apparently, the “fresh new ustream” isn’t all that fresh. It smells like a big pile of shit that any competent developer would be embarrassed to implement. I mean really, what were those people thinking? About the only thing that was done correctly was cleaning up the front page. But the lack of testing and a […]

WordPress 2.7

The latest release of WordPress 2.7 really should be 3.0. The changes to the dashboard alone would warrant a major release, IMHO. With the amount of plugin breakage, I don’t know why the plugin developers have not as of yet, released new versions of their plugins. The betas and RC’s have been out long enough […]